Family Support

What is Family Support?

 Family Support is defined as ‘a style of work and a wide range of activities that strengthen positive informal social networks through community based programmes and services’.

Newbridge Family Resource Centre is committed to providing a range of supports and services to families to make the day-to-day challenges of family life a little easier to manage.

Raising children is a hugely rewarding experience but it is also a very challenging job for parents. Throughout the course of family life, the responsibility of parenthood can become overwhelming for parents. We are here to support you through the difficult times with advice, information and advocacy.

Families experiencing parental separation, depression, a death in the family, financial problems, issues with teenagers, difficulties in school, problems around accommodation can call to us for assistance. Sometimes a conversation and some information can help in managing a stressful situation. If we can’t help with your particular difficulty you can be assured we will put you in touch with someone who can.

For further information please go to:


NUI Child and Family Research



Meitheal is a national practice model and is aimed at supporting children and families experiencing problems in their lives before the issues become so big they require Social Work intervention. It involves gathering all the necessary people, agencies and services around the table to ensure the child or family receive the supports they require. This process is family-led and the family is the ultimate decision maker. Newbridge FRC can support you in organising a Meitheal for your child or family if you feel it is the most effective way of getting the supports and services you need to assist you with your difficulties.

More information on the Meitheal Model can be found here, or please contact the centre to find out more.