Our Board of Management

The aim of the FRC programme is to combat disadvantage and improve the functioning of the family unit.  Each FRC operates autonomously working inclusively with individuals, families, communities, and both statutory and non statutory agencies.

FRCs are an integral part of the Child and Family Agency's Local Area Pathways model and act as a first step to community participation and social inclusion. The programme emphasises involving local communities in tackling the problems they face, and creating successful partnerships between voluntary and statutory agencies at community level. The Board of Management plays a key role in the oversight and running of NFRC. 


Mick deeley

Chair-person and Finance

PaddyPurcell .jpg

paddy purcell

Secretary and Finance


George Perry


tracey murphy

Board Member

Lavina o'reilly

Board Member


Michael Higgins, Board Member

Teresa Keogh, Board Member

Joe Burke, Board Member

Anne Murphy, Board Member

Fr. Paul Dempsey, Board Member

Marie Walsh, Board Member

Amber Kehoe, Board Member


Family Resource Staff

The second element in the delivery of the Family Resource Centre model is the staff. These are professional community workers, youth workers, counsellors and early childhood care practitioners who perform a crucial role in building the fabric of a vibrant and engaged community.


Maeve Errity



sarah mcelroy

Development Worker (Full-time)


Maggie Lally

Development Worker (Part-time)


Anna Farrell



Paddy Barry

Caretaker / Maintenance


Jimmy White

Caretaker / Maintenance


Annette Brogan

Caretaker / Maintenance

Early Childhood Care Staff

Suzanne Connolly (Childcare Manager).jpg
Anita Kinsella.jpg
Charlene Hickey.jpg
Elsa Cribben.jpg
Nicola Farrell.jpg
Noelle Donoghue.jpg
Sabrina Leonard.jpg
Tinu Solanke.jpg

Suzanne Connolly

Childcare Manager


Anita Kinsella


Charlene Hickey


Elsa Cribben


Nicola Farrell


Noelle Donoghue


Sabrina leonard


Tinu Solanke

Our Volunteers..

The NFRC has a dedicated group of volunteers who contribute greatly to the community by their tireless efforts.


Youth Club

Glenda Domican

Emer Devine

Anne Murphy

Niall Mahon

Ann Doyle

Tracey Murphy

Kayode Adebesin

Teresa Keogh

Amy Purcell


Anne Murphy

Tracey Murphy

Computer Classes

Richard Robinson

Homework Club

Joe Coogan

Annette Stack

Una Donnelly

Lisa Duggan

Edel McGovern