Our Services


What can we do for you?

We can support you with information and advice on any issue you may need help with. We can help with filling in forms and dealing with agencies.

The aim of the Family Resource Centre is to provide a range of supports to all families and individuals living in the Newbridge community. We work with other agencies to ensure that if we cannot help you, we will put you in touch with someone that can.

As well as our core activities, we run special programs from time to time. Please click on our calendar of events to see the our upcoming events here


The needs and demands of the community are continually assessed through the involvement of volunteers and local champions, allowing us in the NFRC to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of community groups and initiatives. Assistance is provided to these groups through training, information provision, applications for funding and use of the shared facilities.We offer a large range of services, which adapt and change according to the needs of our community. Some of the principal services are listed below.




Newbridge Family Resource centres aim is to provide a quality, affordable, accessible and safe childcare service to the community of Newbridge, particularly those at risk of exclusion. We create an environment that is safe and which will support each child’s individual needs, cultures and differences and we allow them to express themselves freely and encourage them to learn through play. We are open to change and keep ourselves as informed as possible on all equality issues.

We believe that each child is an individual that should be given the chance to express themselves freely. We create an environment that allows each child to develop at their own pace. We look at each child in a holistic way and allow them to develop through the medium of play. We believe that a relaxed happy environment creates a relaxed happy child.

We have a play based inclusive programme which incorporates the principles of Aistear and Siolta. We operate AIM programme if needed and also have won Healthy Ireland Smart start award.    Our play based programme supports our educational philosophy and is a collection of play-based activities which look at the holistic child .Observations are done on a regular basis and we ensure children have an input to the curriculum with regular parent meetings also  .

We support all parents and respect that parents are the main educators of their child and we create an environment that includes and supports parents through parent’s nights and parenting support… parenting classes and one to one parenting.

We run four sessions a day 2 in the morning 8.20-12noon Mon- Friday and two in the Afternoon 12.20-4pm.

We also run summer camps .




We provide a low-cost counselling service for individuals, couples, children & families. We operate a sliding scale fees policy to enable people to avail of the service at a price they can afford to pay.

Contact Carrie/Eilish @045438173 to book an appointment 

Support groups

We host several groups including Women’s and Men’s groups, the Mojo programme, the Golden Girls, and the A.A.


Young People

We provide a range of activities, projects & programmes for young people of all ages. This includes our Homework Club, Youth Club, Summer Drop-In, Dramatherapy, Rainbows, Summer Camps and others.



The Seniors Alert Scheme provides grant support for the supply of equipment that enables older people of limited means to continue to live securely in their homes. The scheme is run by Pobal, a not-for-profit organisation that manages programmes on behalf of the Irish Government and the EU. The grant assistance is made available through community, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations that are registered with Pobal.

For more information drop into NFRC or call Carrie/ Eilish on 045 438173 or email admin@newbridgefrc.ie


community development

We provide practical assistance to community groups such as training, information, advice on how to address specific social issues, assistance with accessing funding and use of shared facilities. We have a Sensory Garden Project, and have a Men's Development Worker supporting the group to develop this project.


Office facilities

We look after anybody needing photocopying or scanning of documents.  We also have many forms available for you, such as application forms for the medical card, passport, back to school forms, etc.

 A small affordable fee applies for this photocopying service. Please ask for prices.


family support

We provide family support through one to one meetings & group parenting programmes, as well as the establishment of peer support networks and grant-funded programmes.


Driver theory test

Have you got your Driver Theory Test coming up soon?!

We have the Driver Theory Book and CD available for you to use on one of our laptops here in the Centre. The CD allows you to track and monitor how well you are progressing each time you practise.

Just call the Centre on  045 438173 to book a session. A donation of €1 per session.


Regular Activities

Parent & Toddler Group

Friday mornings, 10am to 12pm

This group provides your child/children with a relaxed, friendly environment in which they are able to play independently with other children, while still having the security of you being close by. This can be a great help in building a child’s confidence.

It is a great way for you to meet other adults and have a conversation, while relaxing over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

This group offers a variety of activities such as play dough, painting and water play for your child, as well as Pediatric First Aid, parenting classes, plus others as the need arises

Singing For Well-Being


AA Meetings

Tuesday Mornings 10am

Our Singing for Well-Being group was formed as a way for people who might never have sung in public before, but who loved singing and music, to learn how to use their voice and to meet others in a fun and relaxed environment. The group has met regularly since September 2017 and have performed at several events, such as the Centre's Lighting Ceremony, for the Adult Learner Festival through the kwetb and in Newbridge Day Care Centre for the residents. They have also written their own song!

New members of all ages are always welcome, just contact Sarah in the Centre. 

singing group.jpg

Tuesday evening 8-10pm.

New members welcome, just turn up on the night.

Golden Girls Group

Wednesday mornings

The Golden Girls are a group of retired women who meet weekly. The group formed eight years ago, is well established and very well attended. The women take part in a variety of activities throughout the year including art activities, pottery, knitting, crochet, chair exercises and day trips. The group was formed to ensure there is a place where older women can meet up for peer support and to prevent social isolation within their community.

Sensory Garden Project



Newbridge Family Resource Centre are adding a sensory garden to the many facilities and amenities that we share with the residents of Lakeside, Dara Park and Highfield estates. A sensory garden will be a huge benefit to the community and we have started the process by inviting the men of the community to be a part of the planning, resourcing and design of the garden. Over the years Newbridge Family Resource Centre have hosted men’s groups and provided space for men to meet and collaborate on various projects. This has proved very beneficial in allowing men to come together to socialize, work and be part of our very active community. We want to take this a step further and invite local men, who may have some free time on a Wednesday morning, to become a part of our new men’s group that is focused on developing the new sensory garden. No experience of sensory gardens, construction or anything of the like is necessary, there is no physical work involved. We are looking for the energy, ideas and potential of the men of the community to drive this project.

Male mental health and well-being is at the heart of community development and Newbridge Family Resource Centre are committed to engaging with everyone in our community. Men of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. We especially would love to engage with men who ordinarily might not partake in an exciting project like this.

Please call or text Luke on 045 438173 / 086 4611332

Email: Mensdev@newbridgefrc.ie or drop into the Centre to find out more.

Special Programmes

preparing for life.png

Preparing for Life programme, Kildare

(Newbridge Family Resource Centre and Curragh Family Resource Centre)

Preparing for Life is a home visit programme for parents who are expecting, or who have, a new baby. Our family mentors work alongside parents from pregnancy to when the child starts school. We visit families in their homes and give information on child development and parenting.

Our home visiting programme helps parents to:

·         Increase their confidence in parenting

·         have more positive relationships with their children

·         build on their knowledge and skills

·         enjoy being a parent!

and supports children to:

·         to grow up healthy and happy

·         to make friends

·         to develop good relationships

·         to do well in school


Families who take part in our programme receive:

·         A monthly visit from a friendly mentor

·         Information on child development

·         Tips on how to encourage their child’s development

·         Information on parenting courses or other services they might be interested in


Preparing for Life is available for all families who are expecting a new baby or have a baby under 5 months of age, in the areas of Newbridge, Curragh, Kilcullen, Allenwood and Kildare Town. Our parents do not have to be first time parents to join our programme.

If you would like more information on joining our programme please contact us at:

Preparing For Life, Newbridge Family Resource Centre, Dara Park, Co.Kildare W12 PX65

You can e-mail us at mentor@newbridgefrc.ie or call us on: Wendy 087 9658816, Amy 086 4611333             or Carrie/Eilish on the Centre reception 045-438173



Strengthening Families


NFRC have several staff members who can offer this course to groups of parents.

The Strengthening Families Programme is a 14 session family skills training programme designed to increase resilience and reduce the risk factors for substance misuse, depression, violence and aggression, involvement in crime, and school failure in high risk, 13-17 year old children and their parents.

Positive results from over 15 independent research replications demonstrate that the programme is robust and effective in increasing assets and protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, and improving youths social and life skills.

The SFP curriculum includes three courses (Parent skills training, Teen skills training and Family life skills training) taught in 14 two-hour periods. In the first hour, parents and children participate in separate classes; each class is led by 2 co-facilitators. Parents learn to increase desired behaviours in children by using attention and rewards, clear communication, effective discipline, substance use education, problem solving and limit setting.

Children learn effective communication, understanding feelings, coping with criticism, stress management, social skills, problem solving, resisting peer pressure, consequences of substance use and compliance with parental rules. During the second hour, families practice structuring family activities, family meetings, communication skills, effective discipline, reinforcing positive behaviours in each other, and jointly plan family activities.

There are family meals before each session and sometimes the programme can offer transportation and child care to reduce barriers to participation. 

The original SFP for high-risk families with children ages 6 to 11 years (SFP6-11) was joined in the early 1990’s by a shorter 7-session version for low-risk families with pre- and early teens (SFP10-14). SFP6-11 has now been joined by 14-session versions for high-risk families with both younger children (SFP3-5) and early teens (SFP12-16).

For more information about the Strengthening Families programme, go to:



Meitheal is a national practice model and is aimed at supporting children and families experiencing problems in their lives, before the issues become so big they require Social Work intervention. This process is family-led and the family is the ultimate decision maker. For a Meitheal meeting, the family, often the parent, is supported to identify all the necessary people, agencies and services needed. These people are then gathered around the table with the aim of ensuring the child and family receive the supports they require.

Newbridge FRC can support you in organising a Meitheal for your child or family if you need. It can be an effective way of getting the supports and services you need to assist you with your difficulties.

For more details call us or drop in to have a chat with Sarah or Maggie. 


Adult Education

Education courses are run in the Centre throughout the day and evening times. Some of these classes are funded by the kwetb. 

Click here to check for news on our courses and classes.

Some examples of the types of courses held at the Centre:

  • Community Leadership
  • Computers for the Terrified!
  • Singing For Wellbeing
  • Yoga & meditation

If there are any courses you are particularly interested in or would like to see run in the Centre, please let us know.

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