Our Counselling Services





About the Service:

Newbridge Family Resource Centre’s Counselling Service was established in 2006.It is a quality service highly respected by referrers and clients.

This service also includes CBT(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy )

Do I have to referred to the service?

No, you don’t have to be referred to the service, although your GP may have recommended the service to you.Or you contact the service yourself at 045438173 to book an appointment.

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              PLAY THERAPY


              ONE TO ONE PARENTING



What is One To One Parenting ?

We use evidence based parenting programmes to custom make a short parenting programme  focusing on your particular issue, such as dealing with misbehaviour, conflict, bedtime routines.  Learning strategies to parent  assertively using prevention plans and sanction systems.

The programme can run from 2 weeks– 6 weeks with one hour sessions. Learn to encourage good behaviour rather than change bad behaviour.  You will  learn parenting strategies to help you to solve discipline  problems and to have a more enjoyable and satisfying relationship with your child.

Who can do the programme?

 One parent or Both parents

 Parent/Parents of a child who is in care. Parents attend sessions without the child.Children from 3yrs-12yrs. Grandparent/Guardian.

Ring the centre 045438173 to talk to Maggie to make an appointment or referral