About Us


Newbridge Family Resource Centre is one of 108 Family Resource Centres in the country. Family Resource Centres are not-for-profit organisations managed by a Voluntary Board of Management and funded by Tusla Child and Family Agency. Every FRC was established to provide a range of supports that help families meet the day-to-day challenges of everyday life.

Newbridge Family Resource Centre grew out of the 'Happy Morning Women's Group' which was established and developed by local women in September 1996. The 'LHD' Centre (Lakeside, Highfield and Dara Park) was housed in a three bedroomed house in Dara Park, until the opening of the Resource Centre. In 2004 the LHD group were successful in becoming a part of the National Family Resource Centre Programme. This funding enabled us to provide Family Support and Community Development services for the wider Newbridge community.

Newbridge Family Resource Centre has operated within the purpose built building in Dara Park since April 2004.

We work to implement a 3 year workplan which is approved by the Department prior to granting our annual funding. This workplan is designed based on the needs of the community. We gather this information through a series of consultations, workshops, focus groups and door-to-door surveys. The information we get from people determines the actions we include in our plan.

We welcome callers for information, advice or simply a cup of tea and a chat. The Centre serves the local community of Lakeside, Dara Park and Highfield, as well as the greater Newbridge area.



"The Centre has helped so much in the area with the courses they run on life-skills."

— A.N. Other, Programme Participant.


               Equality Statement

Newbridge Family Resource Centre is committed to being an inclusive organisation which encourages participation from all sectors of the community. We aim to create an environment where all people are treated with respect regardless of gender, marital status, age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or membership of the travelling community. We acknowledge and respect difference and diversity where all are supported in developing their full potential. The Centre will ensure equality standards are maintained and reflected in all its policies. Our core values are Respect, Equality, Empowerment, Inclusion, Integrity and Accountability.


Our Mission

Newbridge Family Resource Centre provides a welcoming space and works with the community to facilitate the growth of individuals through the provision of family support and community development programmes.